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Calling all Bakers!

It’s time to get your baking ingredients in the pantry.


VERY SOON the eldest child in each family will receive a plate, bag and ingredient tag for your baked goodies.   


There will be plenty more of various sizes available in a tub at school reception so please grab as many as you like and start baking!!


Popular sweet sellers are large cakes, brownies, honey joys, slices and cupcakes.


Savoury items such as muffins, sausage rolls, quiches and jams/spreads are also winners.

Please avoid cream and cream cheese as these may melt if it is a super sunny day - and let’s hope it is!

We greatly appreciate your contributions and support and let’s aim to make 2019 a record-breaking year for the cake stall.

Below are some useful links to simple recipes, should you need a little inspiration!


Happy Baking!

For all cake stall enquiries, please contact:
Allison Erp 0400 862 852

code: tkkcv